Sunday, May 11, 2014

PubMed your Mother

Do you know how many articles in PubMed have "mother" in the title?  A quick search in May 2014 reveals 13,484.  (If you include "mother" in full text we're up to 164,089).  And yet we are more than a given quantity of peer reviewed articles.  And at times we transcend the evidence.

Whether you have 1 mom or you have 2 moms or you have anyone you refer to as mom, then make sure to give her a hug, a call, a text, some FaceTime or Skype...  Maybe give her a present.  And some of you will perhaps visit her grave and live on to exemplify the principles she'd always modeled, and she is remembered, today and every day. 

And we say thank you, with love.

Some of us, or some of our parents, were raised on Free to Be You and Meso we know that "mommies are people, people with children" who can be doctors and almost anything they want to be.  Are you who you want to be? 

A few notes on gender, parenting, and the physician workforce:

We thank the many female physicians (some are also mothers) and the many male physicians (some are also fathers) who came before us, paving the way for these and other rights.  So that we are free to be all we want to be.  Even --especially-- if that means we grow up to be people with children who are also people providing healthcare for other people's children.

I'll conclude with this link to the #worldstoughestjob

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