Monday, February 24, 2014

Running and Reflecting

So much about which to learn, care, think, decide.  Ups and downs along the way.  Every day, and sometimes by night.  It was a medical student who prompted me to reflect.  She was doing a project on the ways students and health care providers use the arts to "connect to what they see, experience, and feel as they move through" their studies and careers, to keep life balance.

Though no artist, I run (and jog) and reflect.  And thus began the initial (foot) steps forming this essay, Running on the Road to Reflection, published this month in Academic Medicine, here.

I share my words in the medical literature (and here in the blogosphere) in the hope that it will resonate with anyone else out there along the journey.  And to my pleasant surprise, I was then asked to read my piece for AM Rounds, which you can hear, here.

The key is to run to, not away from, these opportunities to reflect.

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